Parents must know their daughters' boyfriends

September 12, 2016

Dear Pastor,

It is better for parents to know the guys that their daughters are dating rather than for them to hide and get into trouble. Even though the age of 16 is too young for a girl to date, most children start having sex before that age.


Dear M.A.,

Children who come from a well-structured home, have a good rapport with their parents and communicate with their parents well, are not afraid to let their parents know about their relationships. Some parents would not encourage their 16-year-olds to date. Others may find it acceptable. However, certain restrictions may apply, such as the time they go out and the time they would return.

Good parents would insist that they know where they are going. Some parents do not want their young teenagers to go anywhere without adult supervision, so they do not encourage their teens to go to places that are secluded and where they would be alone. Culture has a lot to do with how people look at dating. I can remember having dinner with a family in Sudbury, Canada. Their daughter was just about to graduating from high school and at the same time they were planning her wedding. I did not say she was graduating from college; she was graduating from high school. Therefore, to some people, getting into relationships at a very early age is good. Others will have none of it. I believe that most Jamaicans would not allow their daughters to date at 16. They would rather have the boys who love their girls to visit them at their homes - in their yards or on the verandahs - and go out in groups.


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