Father's beatings left me with scars

September 13, 2016

Dear Pastor,

When I was a child, my father used to beat me mercilessly with his belt, which have left some terrible marks on my body.

One day I was undressing and my boyfriend saw the marks on my back and thighs and asked me about them. I told him that my father used to beat me and I have used so many things to get the marks out, but they are still there.

My mother used to see me cry when my father was beating me, but she never intervened. I don't like my father. I have spent too much of my money to try to remove these marks, but they are still there.

Girls like to wear short, but I can't wear them. Pastor, what should I do to remove these scars from my body?


Dear B.W.,

Evidently, your father was very cruel and he acted like a fool when he was disciplining you. He thought that beating you would make you a better person.

I suppose if you were to remove these scars it would be very costly. But no girl would want to see these scars on her body for life.

If you were to call me, I would recommend you to a skin specialist. You can also look in the telephone directory.

I must say I understand why you hate your father, but I believe that when your father was abusing you, your mother could have stepped in.

Perhaps she was afraid she would be beaten, too. She probably thought that you deserved what you were getting from your cruel father. I know that you will not abuse your children.

Perhaps your boyfriend can assist you in paying the doctor.


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