I prefer being with older men

September 29, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I heard a caller talking about women and the relationship he had with his daughter, and that she has left him alone and gone to live in the USA.

I want that man to be positive. What he is going through reminds me of what happened to me. I had an intimate relationship with a man and we were madly in love with each other, but he was very close to his sister.

He called her and told her about me. I was 30 years old at the time and he was 65. But I didn't care about his age. His sister told him that I didn't love him, and she also said that I only wanted his money, and the treatment I was giving him would be only for a while.

Yes, some women are not for real, but not all women are only after a man's wealth.

His sister told him to end the relationship with me. She came to Jamaica and she saw how I cared for her brother. She was ashamed of herself, but I left him because I always remember what she said, and it has been over 12 years. He calls me and tells me he will never find another woman like me.

Pastor, I just love older men, and right now I would marry a man who is 80 years old.


Dear E.,

Some family members go too far. This man's sister should not have meddled in his love affair, but at the same time, he knew that you were treating him well and that he loved you.

He saw your love for him and he felt it. Therefore, he should have ignored what his sister was saying. There are some men who generally love much younger women, so we should not condemn them, but sometimes they mean these young women well. And some young women generally love older men.

Some of these relationships work but it is true that lots of young girls go after men who are wealthy, but they have no love for them.

There are faithful young women, and there are faithful older men. So one should not judge couples on the grounds of age. In fact, people ought to learn to mind their own business.

Without giving away any secrets, I would say that I am absolutely sure that you will get a man who is under 80 years old, and I am sure that he will take care of you. Or may I say that both of you will take care of each other if you both fall in love with each other.


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