Mom left her good man for my worthless father

September 30, 2016

Dear Pastor,

When I was 11 years old, my mother took me to live with my grandparents. She went to America to work for six months. She came back after three months, but went away again. She said she found my father and they decided to get married.

My father left Jamaica when I was three years old. My mother said she forgave him for what he did. She said he got married, but she didn't tell his wife about me. They are now divorced. My mother said that she would marry him.

However, my father doesn't know that my mother was friendly with a man in Jamaica. And it's this man who supported me and my brother. We call him uncle. They have been together for six years, but they are not married.

My mother always said that he is the only man that she would marry. My grandmother asked my mother what she is going to do with Uncle, and she said that she hasn't told him that she is going back as yet, but she will tell him a day or two before she leaves.

My grandmother isn't in favour of it because everything she has was given to her by this man that my mother was living with. When my grandmother told her that she shouldn't marry my father, my mother got upset and said she was sorry that she told my grandmother her business.

She went back to America and got married, but my father is not treating her well.

She says he has lots of women and he took one of them to the house while she was there and the woman told her that she is an intruder, because she is with my father for many years and he never told her about my mother or having children in Jamaica. She said my father sat there and never said a word.

When my mother asked him if he doesn't have anything to say, he said that the both of them should try and live in peace. She said she got married to my father to give me a chance to get to America. When she told the woman that she was married to my father, my father said nothing.




The woman decided that she was going to sleep at the house and my mother objected. Things got heated, so my father called his brother and his brother took my mother away and kept her at his house for the night. My mother is so confused. She doesn't know what to do.


Dear T.M.,

Your mother should have known that your father was crooked. He left Jamaica many years ago. You can say that he abandoned you when you were just a baby. He never supported you. He didn't tell the woman he married or his other women about you or your mother.

When your mother met him, she should have told him that she was living with a man and she was not interested in him, but instead, she married him.

The Bible is correct, "A leopard cannot change its spots". Your mother fooled her man out here just as how your father fooled other women that he had in the United States of America. What goes around comes around. Your mother was too eager to get married to your father, who has behaved as a con man for many years; she should not have expected much from him.

I suggest, therefore that your mother talk to an immigration lawyer about the situation in which she has found herself.

I hope by now that she has told the man with whom she lived in Jamaica that she is not going to marry him. I guess he is going to say that your mother has caused him not to trust women.


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