My girlfriend taught me to examine my testicles

September 30, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am a 24-year-old man and I have a 28-year-old girlfriend. When we first went to bed, she was fooling around my body, examining everywhere, including my penis and testicles. When I asked her why she was examining my testicles and looking at them, and so on, she said she was trying to save my life.

She was examining my testicles to see if there was any lump in them. I told her it was not breasts she was dealing with. She said that it is a good habit for a man to examine his testicles to see if there are any lumps or swelling.

I enjoyed what she was doing. It was a real turn-on. While she was rolling them between her fingers, I got an erection. I asked my girlfriend where she learnt that from, and she said it was her former boyfriend who used to examine himself all the time.

I pass this on to every man. Try and do a self-examination of the testicles. It can save your life.


Dear L.W.

This older woman taught you something. It is indeed important for men to examine their testicles from time to time, especially when they are having a shower and are well soaped up.

This woman told you that she was examining you to save your life, but probably she was also touching and fondling your testicles as a means of foreplay.

I suppose that's why you got an erection. I hope that you and this woman will get married soon. You have learnt something from her that you will never forget.


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