My girlfriend always wants money

October 05, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am a 17-year-old guy and I will be 18 in October. I love a girl who will be 18 years old in November. I know that she loves me because she sends me sexy text messages. Sometimes when I read them and see her face, I get hard.

I introduced her to my mother but my father hasn't met her as yet. I would like this girl to come and spend time with me on National Heroes' Day. I told her that I don't have any money. She said $5,000 will do to take her out. My mother said "her stomach is high", but she would give me $1,500.

My girlfriend is always asking if I don't have any money. She likes money. From I was younger, I always hear my father say that girls who like to take money from men all the time are bad girls. They should wait until men offer money to them.

I have never had sex. She told me the other day that on National Heroes' Day she is going to burst it up because she is burning. If I can't get the $5,000 I am going to stay home and watch movies.


Dear D.L.,

Your girlfriend is not only older than you but seem to have more experience than you.

You are planning a date but she has already told you that you need to have $5,000 for it to be meaningful.

That is a lot of money for an unemployed young man who is living in his parents' home to have.

You should drop her. She is ahead of you in every way. Your father is quite correct, good women don't constantly ask men for money.

A woman can demand money from a man if they are married or living together or if she has a child by him. So walk away from this relationship and don't look back.


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