My man's stepfather is a peeping Tom

October 05, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 20 years old and I have a boyfriend who is 22. He is living with his mother, but has his own bedroom. His mother and himself pay the rent.

Most of the times he has to pay all of it because his mother is only a day's worker.

His mother has a male visitor. He told me that he doesn't like the man but because his mother is a big woman and she has feelings, he doesn't say anything.

Pastor, once when I was visiting him I went and had my shower and was sitting in his room lotioning myself. The door was not properly closed and I saw his mother's boyfriend peeping on me. I was so shocked. I shouted out at him and he moved. He even knocked down the lamp that was on the table and broke it.

His mother came out and asked what was it. I put on my clothes and told her that her man was peeping on me. He stood there speechless, but my boyfriend's mother said to me that I should be more careful. I should have closed the door.

I did not know that the man was around, but he had no right peeping on me. Now my boyfriend and his mother are having problems over it. She says I was careless, and my boyfriend calls him a peeping Tom, and believe me, Pastor, the man saw quite a bit of me.



Dear I.B.,

This man should not be peeping at you. Whether you were careless and unaware that he was there is not the issue. He should not be peeping at you.

He was aware that you were in your boyfriend's room. He knew what he was doing was wrong, that is why when you shouted at him, he moved quickly and as a result broke the lamp.

Now that you know that the man is a peeping Tom, you should be very careful. Make sure that you do not only close the door, but lock it.

Your boyfriend and his mother should deal with this man. Don't get further involved.


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