Schoolgirl sleeping with 25-year-old man

October 06, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am a resident of a certain community in rural Jamaica.

There is a 16-year-old schoolgirl who is having an affair with a 25-year-old man.

My concern is that she is living with her cousin, but every night this young man sleeps at the house with her and is having sexual intercourse with her, and he has a girlfriend who is five months pregnant for him.

Everyone here is talking about it, but no one is doing anything about it. What can I do? I need your advice.


Dear S.F.,

You speak as someone who has knowledge of the situation. I hope you are speaking the truth. If you are so concerned, as you have stated, why haven't you spoken to the cousin with whom the girl lives and to the girl herself? You could also talk to the young man.

Perhaps there is where you should start. Talk to all of them. I must say that I am somewhat suspicious of you.

I am not so sure of your motive, and I will tell you why. You mentioned in the letter (which I deleted) the district in which these people live. But at the same time, you did not give your name or telephone number or your address.

How do I know that you are not trying to create mischief or to embarrass the 16-year-old girl and her guardian?

It is for these reasons why I have had to edit your letter, by dropping the name of the district and the so-called name of the girl you have given. If you know that this guy is doing something illegal, you should take the matter to the police.

Your letter did not say that he is living with the girl, only that they are having sex. Please remember that it is not illegal for a man to have sex with a girl who is 16.

Sixteen is the age of consent, and although I think it is deplorable for a man who is 25 years old to have an intimate relationship with a girl who is 16 years old, he is not breaking the law.


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