My brother is having sex with my married friend

October 20, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to tell you about my brother, who is having an affair with my friend, who is married. My brother knows that I know that he is having sex with this woman. It has been going on for over a year now.

This girl and my brother were friends before she got married. Her parents are living abroad and they sent down a man, and she told me that she fell in love with him. The man did not stay in Jamaica for any long period, but kept in touch with her while he was away. He came back to Jamaica and they got married. My brother even attended the wedding, but this girl and my brother have never stopped sleeping together. Sometimes when her husband calls her, she tells him that she is with me. She is really at our house, but she is in my brother's bed.




Her husband believes in phone sex, and so he calls her and tells her to put on something sexy and tells her what he is putting on and what to do and so on, and my brother is right there in the room listening to what she is telling him and what he is telling her. The both of them laugh at the man. Is that right, Pastor? I told her that that is not right. When she finishes having phone sex, she and my brother have the real thing and they come to the table in the morning, eat and drink. She tells me everything that she and my brother do together. I do not have a husband. I have two children, and my children's father is in one of the small islands working. I wouldn't want to treat him the way my friend is treating her man.

My brother is not interested in having another girl, although he knows that this girl is married. Once, she told me that she was pregnant, but later on, she told me it was false alarm. Although my brother said that he is not interested in any other girl, he has another girlfriend. She doesn't know that he is having a relationship with my friend. Sometimes I feel like I should tell her, but I hold my tongue because my brother will know that I am the one who told her. What is your suggestion, Pastor?



Dear M.G.,

This is another reason why some men don't trust women. It is said that men are cunning, but the truth is, some women are just as bad. Here is a man who came to Jamaica, fell in love with a woman, and this could be genuine love. This woman might have another motive for loving him, but whatever the motive, they got married, and the man believes that she is a good woman, that she is clean, and now he is looking forward to having her in his country.

She has given him the impression that all is well and that she loves him. She is making a fool of him by participating in the so-called phone sex and her boyfriend and herself just laugh at the man. One is tempted to ask: When does a man trust a woman, and why should he trust her anyway? Where are the good women? Is it fair to say that there are not many? You should tell this woman not to come back to your house if her intention is to have sex with your brother. You should tell your brother that it has been bothering you and you know it is wrong for her to be giving her husband the impression that she is at your house visiting you, when she is really there to have a good time in bed with your brother. If your bother wants to go with her where she is, that is his business, but they should not use your house as a convenient place to have sex. If you remain silent, that means you are encouraging them to do what they are doing.

I think you should caution your brother. Tell him that if he does not cease from having a sexual relationship with this married woman, you would be forced to tell his girlfriend about the relationship he is having with this married woman.


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