Men calling each other 'dogs' won't bother them

October 25, 2016

Dear Pastor,

These days, men themselves call each other dogs. So when they are called dogs by women, it has no particular effect. 'Dawg', is actually an synonym similar to the word thug, but can also be used in a demeaning way by women to describe a man's infidelity. In other instances, if you are not a 'dawg' in certain communities, you won't survive.

D. J.

Dear D.J.,

If guys who are friends call each other 'dawg', they are not offended at all.

However, men do not appreciate when women call them 'dogs' and women feel greatly insulted when men call them 'bitches'.

Both male and female should learn to respect each other and try not to do or say anything that would offend one another.


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