Boyfriend made his ex-girl come to my home

October 31, 2016


Dear Pastor

My boyfriend and I recently got an appointment. I am overseas working so I am not home often in Jamaica, but I still share the bills with my boyfriend.

This man cheated on me and I have forgiven him in the past, but this time he has gone too far with the cheating game. I am on vacation for a few months, so we can be around each other, and as I turned my back the same week, his babymother came to my house, saying he was sick and he needed her help.

This time, she came back to my place and destroyed all my shoes. I asked my boyfriend over the phone how comes she knows where my house is. He said that she could never know where he lives and that she's too crazy and can't be trusted because of the things she had done in the past that caused the relationship between them to have failed.

Pastor, I just turned my back to visit my family, when he texted me and told me his babymother destroyed my things.

A feeling of betrayal has now come over me because I have done nothing but good to this man. His babymother cursed his mother and he swore to me he wouldn't want her in his life again. We have been together for four years now, and this man has made me feel betrayed. He has slept with his own enemy, so to speak. This woman disgraced his family, destroyed his car, emptied his pockets and tormented his life.

I was the one who got the apartment and gave him anything he needed. From we have been together, I have never taken his money. He keeps saying I deserve better, and he will set me free because he knows where he has gone wrong. My boyfriend led me to believe that his babymother didn't know my apartment, but still, when I was away, he said she came there when he was sick to help him. He was only suffering from a toothache and wants me to believe she only came to help him.




Pastor, I haven't been back to my apartment from the time he texted me about his child's mother coming there. I can't manage to look into this person's face. I am young and beautiful, but men always cheat on me. This man is the biggest cheater. I feel I would kill this man if I should see him. This incident is too terrible and if she didn't destroy my shoes, I wouldn't know that she had been to my apartment.

I gave this man everything, and in return, I received disgrace. How can I heal myself and stay from trouble, Pastor? I need your words of comfort.

He wrote me saying that he wishes

me everything that is good, but he is under stress and he wants me to find someone who will give me what I deserve and treat me right. He said that wherever he goes, his problems follow him, and it does not appear that both of us are going to have a good relationship, so we should end it because we are having too many problems.

P. B.

Dear P. B.

This guy is not altogether truthful. He should be very proud of you and treat you as a queen, but instead, his child's mother is turning his head in the wrong direction and making a fool of him.

You should not continue to have him as your lover. Take his own advice and end the relationship with him. His child's mother is a tyrant. Her conduct is bad. If you were to continue to have this man in your life, she will always be fighting you. Let this man stay with her. You say that you are a beautiful girl. In due time, you will find another man. Just don't throw yourself around.


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