I want to abort 'one-night stand baby'

November 03, 2016

Dear Pastor,

When I was 22, I went to spend time with a friend. The house was full. They had a birthday party. I couldn't get home so my friend said that I could share the bed with her boyfriend and herself or sleep with her younger brother.

I chose to stay in her brother's room. I didn't know he was so rude. He looked innocent. My girlfriend knew that I was a Christian, so she said I would be all right.

Pastor, I was all right when I went to bed. I had on tights. I told him good night and I turned my back to him.

In the early-morning hours, I felt this young man's hands on me. I pushed away his hands and pulled to the edge of the bed. He came closer and told me that he loved me.

He kept touching me and running his hands all over my body. I told him that I will 'bawl' out and he said, "Please don't". I don't know what got over me. I started to respond and we had sex.

I am so ashamed because I am now pregnant. I cannot tell his sister. The boy is in school and I am in my second year at university. I want to do an abortion because I cannot carry this child.

He doesn't want me to tell anybody that he got me pregnant. He is hoping to get the money from his father for me to do the abortion.

Pastor, tell me what to do.


Dear F.L.,

You played with fire and you got burned. Your friend must have been naÔve to believe that you could sleep in the same room and share a bed with her brother and not get touched. It was like putting 'butter in puss mouth'.

The young man is at the peak of his sexual drive and you were in your tights, evidently showing up everything, and the temptation was very strong.

You pulled away, but that was not enough. You should have got up and go and sit in the living room.

I hope that you will not have an abortion and that you will carry the pregnancy. I know that some people would ask who would take care of that child. If you would not be able to support the child and his relatives would not help, you should consider giving up that child for adoption. But please do not do an abortion.

Tell his sister what happened. Having a child will not prevent you from getting an education. After you have given birth and the child is old enough to be left with a babysitter, etc, go back to school. Discuss this matter with your parents.


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