My boss' wife rules the house

November 03, 2016

Dear Pastor,

My boss told me not to call his house on a Saturday until after noon. He spends time with his family on a Saturday morning.

One Saturday morning I called to discuss business with him and his wife answered. I asked for him and she said that he woke up and went back to bed. She told me that whatever the problem is, I should wait until he gets there in the evening.

I told her that I could not wait, and she asked me whether he had given me my week's wages, and I told her yes.

I had never met her personally. We only talked on the phone, but I did not like the way she spoke to me.

When I saw my boss, I told him what had happened and he reminded me that he told me not to call on a Saturday morning because it is family time.

He said, "I may be your boss, but my wife is my boss and I don't want to lose the job." He laughed and apologised for the way she talked to me.

During the week, I received a beautiful gift basket from his wife. This woman and I have become good friends.


Dear S.E.,

Some couples have special days they spend together. Your boss and his family enjoy Saturday mornings.

It was unfortunate that you had to call him on a Saturday morning, but everything turned out well.


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