My friend offered my boyfriend sex

November 08, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 years old and I am sharing a house with two other girls. They are older than me. These girls have their boyfriends and the men come and go.

I keep to myself because my boyfriend lives in Texas and he is taking good care of me.

My boyfriend came to Jamaica to visit me and he only spent two nights in Kingston, the first night and the last night. He is white, and pastor, these girls told my boyfriend some dreadful things about me to turn his mind from me.

Nothing goes like that.

They told him how I have lots of guys and I am only fooling him and as soon as he turns his back, different men will be sleeping with me.

One of my so-called friends even offered him sex while he was here. I left him at the house to follow my sister to the doctor and in that space of time, this girl filled up his head with lies. My boyfriend told me that he told them that he is in love with me and he will come back to see me.

He did not tell me these things until we were at the airport together and I was sitting with him after he checked in. What they said to him hasn't worked because he is still sending me money.

This man was married and is now divorced and has promised to come back and marry me.

I don't want to stay here anymore. These girls are wicked. One of them is an outright whore. She wanted to get me in the prostitution business.




I got this man's name from a dating site. He said that he loves black girls. He is freaky, but I am accustomed to that because I was with a Jamaican man and he was just as freaky, but he did not have me alone. I had to share him with other women and he did not have much respect for me.

When we were making love, he would use the 'F' and 'P' words.

I didn't lie to this man; I told him about my Jamaican boyfriend. He asked me if we are still together and I told him no.

If the girls had told him about my ex-Jamaican boyfriend I would understand. But they told him I have many guys, which is not true.

I am still getting my money and I don't cook with them anymore. The refrigerator we use is mine, but the stove is theirs.

The landlord and I get along well. He is planning to give all of us notice and rent me back the two rooms.

Imagine, I don't tell anybody what these girls are like and the whoring they do, especially one of them. No man can satisfy these girls.

T. E.

Dear T.E.,

I am glad that your boyfriend does not believe what the girls told him and that he is still taking care of you.

I hope that he is not fooling you and that he will return to Jamaica and marry you and soon you will be living in Texas.

You have to be careful what people would say and do. Evidently, these girls are jealous of you. Make sure that you do not become entangled with other men.

The American loves you. I have not been given his age. He seems to be a strong man; I leave it there.

Let me hear from you again.


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