Wicked man wants me to abort his child

November 08, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have been with my partner for 10 years and I am now almost three months pregnant.

He says I must get rid of it because it's not his child and he doesn't know how I am going to work it out. I don't believe in abortion. It is wrong.

I am unemployed and I am willing to work if I get a job right now. Please, I am asking for your assistance with getting a job so that I can manage up until the time of my delivery.

I am really undergoing a lot of stress right now. I have been with this man for a decade and I did not cheat on him, and yet he got me pregnant and turned his back on me and disowning his child.

Pastor, I am really hurt and confused. Please give me your advice. Thank you.



Dear S.M.,

You have been living with a very wicked man. Both of you have been intimate for 10 years and it is only now you have become pregnant. Perhaps he is wondering whether he is responsible for your pregnancy. He should be man enough to discuss this matter with you.

You say that you are now seeking a job; you haven't said what kind of work you can do. Only people who are truly sympathetic to your situation would offer you a job, because you would not be able to do very much in your condition.

I hope that you will not have an abortion. It would be better to have the child and give him/her up for adoption. I believe that you would be better off keeping your child if relatives and friends would help you support him/her.

You may never get pregnant again and this child would be precious to you. After you have given birth, you can deal with the wicked father through the court.


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