She gave me an STI

November 30, 2016

Dear Pastor
I am 30 years old and I am having a problem. I had sex with a 19 year old girl and I caught a sexual transmitted disease from her.

When I met this girl, she seemed so decent. I could not believe that this girl would give me sickness.

When I went to the doctor and the doctor told me that I caught something from a woman, I called her and told her that she should go to the doctor too.

I asked her if she had sex recently with somebody else and then she admitted it. If you could see this girl, pastor, you would not believe that she would sell herself.

I blame myself because I met her two days before we had sex and it is money she wanted from me. I gave her $5000, but I ended up spending much more at the doctor.

She told me that she was sorry, but I should not leave her and I should remember that it is somebody who gave it to her. She is slim and is a browning.

Before I started to have the problem, I told her that I would come back to see her. Now, pastor, I have to be running from her.

She asked me for money to go to the doctor and as soon as I am finished writing you, I am going to let her have the money.
L. R.

Dear L. R.
I wish not to condemn you, but I know for sure that you were judging this woman’s character by her looks. You said that she is slim and is a browning.

A sexual transmitted infection does not discriminate whether a person is brown, yellow, black or white. He or she can contract STIs. You however, have not behaved intelligently.

You met a woman and in about two days you were having unprotected sex with her. That is foolishness.

How can a man who loves his life have unprotected sex with a woman he just met? I hope this woman would go to the doctor.

In fact, you should insist that she does so by accompanying her to the doctor. You seem to like her very much.

Therefore, you might want to consider continuing the relationship with her when you are fully satisfied that she is cured.

You may wish to get further advice from your medical doctor.

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