He can finally get it up

December 13, 2016

Dear pastor
I wrote to you one month ago. It was entitled ''My man can’t get an erection''. We got in the mood again twice and he blew it. I have never been so upset.

On one occasion when I went to his house, we got in the mood but he stopped and said that he had something to tell me. He said that it has been bothering him.

He told me that we can't have sex because he got a woman pregnant and that she is four months on the way. I cried.

He told me that the woman wants to abort the baby as they were not in love with each other. He is against the abortion because it is his first child.

He told me that he was sorry and that he does not love her. At one point I was sad then on another point I was happy for him.

After we spoke about it, we went to bed. Pastor, it was amazing. He ejaculated three times but I wouldn't mind a fourth. I enjoyed every moment.

He is 33 and I'm 20. I hope you can remember my letter. 

Dear S.D.
I remember your letter very well. I can see that you are determined to have your former teacher as your lover and now that he has gotten off his mind the thing that was bothering him, he is able to function sexually.

He has decided to tell you the truth and you believe that you love him and that you should forgive him for getting this other woman pregnant.

I do not know whether he is speaking the truth about not being in love with the woman who got pregnant by him. Perhaps he has told you that to keep you quiet.

Time will tell whether he is speaking the truth. Bear in mind that even if he is speaking the truth, he would always be communicating with her because of his child.

Before I go, let me say to you, that you would be a fool to be careless with this man because he may get you pregnant too. From the tone of your letter, you would have sex with this man 24/7.


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