My boyfriend's mother does not like poor people

December 19, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have a boyfriend. He is 23 years old and I am 18. He comes from a good family. I am from a poor family. I am only now heading for university. He took me to meet his mother at her office and I was very uncomfortable because I was there with her while my boyfriend was fixing her computer. This woman was questioning me so much. The only thing she did not ask me was whether her son and I were having sex. I was hoping that question would come up because I was setting for her.

My boyfriend says she doesn't like poor people. She is encouraging him to date older women. He went out with two older women and his mother loved that. She allowed him to use her car, but whenever he went out with older women, they made him feel as if they were his mother. I don't feel like going anywhere with this man if his mother is going to be around, but I love him. He told me that I must not allow her to get me depressed.

How can I handle this problem without losing my boyfriend?

V. P.

Dear V. P.

You don't need to worry about losing your boyfriend if he loves you. He is not hiding you. He introduced you to his mother. His mother knows that you are his girlfriend. She has been encouraging him to go with older women. He has done so to please her, but that does not mean he will continue to do so.

He told you that she doesn't like poor people, but don't worry. She is free to express how she feels, but he loves you and that is good enough. Make sure you don't attack her by saying anything bad about her. If he is attending any family function and he invites you, go with him and mingle with his friends. You are not responsible for where you were born or whether your family is rich or poor, but you are responsible for the type of life you live. So make sure you walk uprightly.


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