Being pressured for sex

January 16, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 15 years old. My mother has a friend and she is not well. My mother sent me to her house to iron some clothes. When I went there, I was in shorts. Her boyfriend told me that I was looking very sexy and that it seems to him that I have a fat vagina because I looked buff down there. I laughed it off because I did not think he was serious.

He went away and when he came back in the afternoon I was still there. He repeated it, and later he bought me some ice cream. I told him I did not want any and that I was going to tell his girlfriend what he said. He said I shouldn't tell her because he was only joking with me, but it looked buff for real. He gave me $2,000 for the work I did, but my mother did not charge the girl, she only sent me to help her as a friend.

When I went home, I gave my mother the money and she was surprised. I told her that I was not going back there because her friend's boyfriend is looking sex from me. I did not tell her what he said, but she kept pressing me to tell her what he said. My mother told the girl to tell her man that whenever I come there, he must not say any rude stuff to me or else I would not return.

Now, this man has called me a liar, and whenever he sees me on the road, he tells me that he will have to get it from me. I am fed up of him. I don't know what to do, pastor.

Y. L.

Dear Y. L.,

You know that you are not lying on this man, so stand your grounds. I hope your mother believes what you said. And if this man is carrying out his threats, and he hopes to get you scared, report him to the police.


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