Church sisters hating on my 'browning' fiancee

January 24, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a 28-year-old man and I am engaged to get married. I am a Christian, but my fiancee is not from my church.

Some of the girls in my church don't like her. They say she is too proud, and when she comes to church, she does not associate with them.

Pastor, it is not that she has not associated with them. They have not given her enough time for her to get to know them and to fit in. They just criticise her.

None of them wanted me a few years ago, but since I went out and got a Christian girl from another, church, they are jealous of her, and to make matters worse, my girlfriend is of a light complexion and they say "he and his browning" so and so.

Do you think that is right?


Dear T.L.,

Tell your fiancee to ignore these silly girls. Just make sure that when she comes to church she is comfortable. She is in church to worship God and not to please members of the church.


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