Obeah man got it wrong

January 26, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 34 and my husband is 39. We have been together for 15 years. We have four wonderful children. Our house was recently destroyed by a fire leaving us homeless and suffering. My husband’s mother carried my husband to an obeah man and the obeah man told him that I gave my sister’s man the money to burn the house.

My sister’s man is a real estate agent.

I need to take a lie detector test to proof that I did not do such a wicked act. Please, pastor, my husband has turned his back on us and wants a divorce from me. I am telling the truth. We built our house together and I wouldn't burn it down. I love my family very much. They are all I have.

Please let me know how and where I can get a lie detector  test to proof to my husband and his family that I am not guilty. Please, I need your help. I am waiting in tears. Thank you and may God bless you.


Dear D.R.

I understand how you feel and why you believe that by taking a lie detector test will prove to your husband that you are speaking the truth and that you have not committed any crime. I do want to say that such a test is expensive and it has been proven many times that such a test is unreliable.

A famous lawyer represented a man who was charged for rape. The lawyer believed that what was alleged was true but the accused agreed to take a lie detector test. He passed the test with flying colours, so to speak, but the famous lawyer said after that she would never trust such a test again.

It confirmed, in her mind, that this type of test doesn’t always prove to be correct. I say that to you, to warn you not to put all your trust in such a test. However, if you are determined to do the test, you should sort out persons who can administer the test.

Now, let me comment on your husband and what the obeah man told him. It is unfortunate that your husband does not have any confidence in you. If he had, he would not have believed that you would have done anything to destroy your house. This obeah man is iniquitous.

Obeah men have longed “bewitched” the people of this country for many years. They are sometimes very influential. I am reminded of what the Book of Acts says about an obeah man. He was very influential and he could do many amazing things and the people of his day believed in him, but he was a liar and a pretender. He did not come from God and he did not talk the truth.

Therefore I say to you, this obeah man that your husband went to see is a destroyer of families. You have already told your husband that you are not guilty. Tell him that both of you should spend time together in prayer and go to church together and trust God. My prayers are with you. Don’t be discouraged and even if your husband’s relatives don’t like you, show them love and pray for them.


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