My stepdaughter has too many men

January 27, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 53 years old and I am having a problem with my wife.

I have two children with her, but she had two before we met. Her first child is already a mother.

This girl has no manners to me at all. She takes different men into my house, even when I am there, and these men just follow her straight into her bedroom. They don't even say hello to me or to her mother when she is there.

Her mother is a shopkeeper, so sometimes when the second daughter can go to the shop, the mother would come home, bathe and go back to the shop.

I told her mother that I am tired of seeing men coming into my house, and I don't know if they are criminals.

She spoke to her daughter and she cursed me. If I did not have God with me, I would have got myself into trouble.

She even told her mother that the reason why I am against her is because I approached her for sex and she told me no. Pastor, that is not true.

If it were only one man coming to the house to her that wouldn't be so bad, but it is more than one.

I came home one day and saw a motorbike parked in my yard. I walked around to my stepdaughter's room. I could hear her in the room with a guy at 2 o'clock in the day.




I went down to the shop to call her mother to hear how her daughter was carrying on in the house. Her mother told me that she didn't have time for that because her daughter is a big woman, it is her body and she can do whatever she wants with it. She doesn't have time to watch her.

I have asked her to leave. Her boyfriend, the same boyfriend that she was having sex with on that day, told her that she shouldn't leave until she was ready.

If this girl had manners to me she could stay, but she can't stay here any longer.

Pastor, as a father, give me your advice.


Dear G.C.,

The woman you married should be happy that you took her after she had two children.

It does not appear that she taught these children to love and respect you. If she did, her eldest daughter surely wouldn't hate you.

She has no respect at all for you, but let me try to encourage you by saying that what you are facing in your house is quite common.

Sometimes, stepsons take girls into their parents' home without asking permission. They just feel that because they are over 18, they have a right to take their lovers to spend the night with them in their parents' home, whether they are there or not.

Girls do the same, as you have seen with your step-daughter. A father must be very uncomfortable seeing a man walking into his house and walking into his stepdaughter's bedroom.

Perhaps you called this girl's mother to witness what you heard coming from her room. Some would say that you should not have bothered to call her mother; but you did not want anyone to call you a liar, so you wanted her mother to see for herself that her daughter was turning your house into a motel.

Her mother has encouraged her daughter's immoral conduct. You need not be too worried about what this girl says about you.

You know that you did not approach her for sex. Some people would believe what she said, others would not.

You have asked her to leave, but you need to go a step further. You should put the matter before an attorney. He or she would help you to get her out of your house.

Be prepared to be called a wicked man for throwing her out, even her mother may turn against you.


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