I did not do an abortion

February 08, 2017

I was living with a man. He got himself into trouble and was sentenced to prison.

I was carrying his child and he knew that, but I lost the child. I told him and I also told his relatives, and they all say that I threw away the belly.

I told them nothing like that, and the doctor can prove that I did not have an abortion.

I went to see him and he cursed me and said that he wants his child. So I decided that I am not going back to see him.

I'm talking to another guy, and his sisters are saying that I had that man while I was with their brother so I am a whore.

That is not true. I met this guy in September last year and he invited me out and we became friends.

My mother said that it was too early for me to go out with another man.

Pastor, I have just got a job, but this new guy really helped me. So I want to say to all the relatives of this guy in prison, the relationship is done and I have moved on.



Dear H.S.,

You know that you are not guilty of wilfully terminating your pregnancy.

These things happen so often, and when they do occur people always say that it is the women who terminated the pregnancies.

I could understand also why you have got involved with another man. You needed help. You needed financial assistance.

So don't worry and don't allow what people say to get you down. Try to go back to school. If the guy loves you, talk to him about assisting you to go back to school.

Aim high. God is able to help you.


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