My brother's pregnant girlfriend has captured my bedroom

February 14, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am from a family of seven. There are four boys and three girls. From I knew myself, my mother has engaged herself in buying and selling. Even the people in our area knew that around Christmas time, she would buy their animals from them and then sell them back to make a profit.

Butchers from other areas came to our house to see my mother and to buy from her what they needed for the Christmas. They don't have to be travelling up and down. People took these animals to my mother.

My father always had to spend money to get my brothers out of trouble. My mother said that they have their own life to live and she has her own life to live. Although my mother is very busy, she works her own vegetable garden. My brothers depend on their girlfriends to feed them.

We cannot put down any money in the house. My brothers, especially one of them, steals it. My oldest brother got his girlfriend pregnant. I went away for a few weeks and when I returned, my older brother had moved her into my room and he has no intention of moving her out because he has no where to put her.

My boyfriend and I are planning to get married but not in the immediate future. I am so embarrassed sleeping with him at nights and going to church on Sundays. My parents are afraid of my brother.

Initial Withheld

Dear ……..

I suppose your brother believes that because you have a boyfriend and he could accommodate you, it is quite in order for you to shack up with him. He needs to learn that not everybody is in the shacking up business. I am sure that your present boyfriend is not happy about the situation. So you should constantly talk to your parents about wanting back your room.

Your father should politely but firmly and I should say respectfully tell your brother to leave the room and to take his girlfriend elsewhere.

That is the type of life your brother wants you to live and you are not happy about it. Your brother is not in any position to support a child. He should have known that having unprotected sex may cause pregnancy. So now that he has gotten his girlfriend pregnant, he should find a place to put her and let you have your room.


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