I think she's giving me 'bun'

March 03, 2017

Dear Pastor,
I am a regular reader of your column. I am 25 years old. I have a girlfriend, she is 27. We have been friends for two years. She has three children but I do not have any.

She got pregnant for me but she did an abortion. I did not know that she killed the child in the belly. It is her friend who told me. Her friend told me that I should leave her.

And I should stop give her money because she told her that the reason why she had the abortion, she was not sure who got her pregnant because she had been having sex with another man and the other man is married.

Pastor, I give her $5000 every week and she is working for $10,500 a week. And she is not paying rent. She lives with her grandfather. And only one of her children is living with her.

I am a security guard and sometimes she comes and visits me at my workplace. And her friend told me that when she leaves me, the other man picks her up and have sex with her before dropping her home.

My girlfriend told me that she did not have an abortion. She lost the baby. Pastor, I love this woman. I don’t want to give her up. I know the man she is having the affair with.

He has money. He can more than support her but she says they are only good friends. Do you think she is speaking the truth?

Pastor, it is seven girls that I have gone through and I can’t find a good one.

Dear …,
How can you be sure that this woman’s friend is telling you the truth? Why would she be saying these things about her friend?

Could it be that she wants you to end the relationship with her and give her an opportunity to start one with you?

You are giving your girlfriend $5000 a week and she is working for $10,500 a week so she is doing mighty fine.

If your girlfriend has another man and getting money from him at the end of the week, she is in good shape financially.

But I ask the question again, how do you know this woman is speaking the truth and what is her motive in telling you these things?

If it is a fact that she is having a relationship with you and at the same time seeing another man, you need to move on.

If your so-called girlfriend spends time with you and then goes with another man after leaving you, you should end the relationship with her. And you should do so forthwith.

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