My girlfriend’s parents dislike our baby

March 04, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 19 years old and I am having a relationship with my baby's mother, who is also 19 years old. This relationship started when both of us were in high school. I play football and she likes football, so she and her friends followed us around wherever we went.

She is very jealous and sometimes I tell her some hard words.

The only time I cheated on her was when she was pregnant. I used to have sex with a girl who lived in the same yard with me but I always used a condom.

Pastor, my girlfriend's parents don't like me, but my mother helped her after she had the baby. Her mother told her that since she was now a woman, she could not stay at the house. I had to find a place and put her. My grandmother told us that we could come and live with her, so that is where we are now.

She got a little job, but it is not paying much. My grandmother takes care of the baby when she has gone to work. This girl's parents are telling her that she can come back home but that she can't bring the baby. She told me that she wants to go home because my grandmother's place is not very convenient. We have running water but not inside the house. We have an outside toilet and bathroom.

I don't want her to leave. She says that this is not the type of life that she wanted to live.

My grandmother's house is very clean, but when we have an argument, my grandmother can hear everything we are saying. What I am working for is not enough to rent a place to put her, so I am asking you for your advice.


Dear T.A.,

Try your very best not to get this young lady pregnant again. I can understand that your grandmother's house is not an ideal place to raise a child, but she has opened up her house to both of you, so you should be grateful.

If this girl's parents are willing to take her back, go and see them and ask them to accept her with the child. If they continue to refuse to accept the child, then ask your parents whether they would be willing to keep the child.

You are not giving your child away, but your child should not be bouncing here and there as a young baby. You say that your baby mother parents don't like you. perhaps they feel that you have destroyed their daughter's future by getting her pregnant.

Perhaps, if you conducted yourself like a gentleman they would eventually get to like you. Don't worry too much about how they see you. Just try your very best to take care of your child and your babymother.

I want to suggest something to you. You say that you do not make much money. However, why don't you talk to your grandmother about adding on a room to her house so that your girlfriend and you could have a comfortable place to live.

You should also build a bathroom so that you can have privacy. I am sure if the land belongs to your grandmother, she would not object to that. So talk to her about it and find out how much it would cost to make an addition to her house. I am sure your grandmother would love the convenience also.


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