My ex-boyfriend won't pay me back

March 10, 2017

Dear Pastor
I was with a man. He buys and sells cars. He was going to open a bar. At that time, he borrowed $55,500 from me. He also borrowed my mother's fridge and a television in September.

I told him that I needed back half the money to pay my rent. He still didn't make an effort to give me my rent money out of what he owed me. I ended up losing my apartment, leaving us homeless.

At that time, my brother’s daughter and sister lived with me. We all ended up in different places when I got notice. I showed him the notice and he didn't help.

I've been calling and texting him and all he did was to tell me all sorts of stories.

My mother wants her fridge and he doesn't want to return the fridge. I used his picture and put it on Facebook and he's in hiding and Pastor, that money is my emergency money and he knew it was because I went to a Caribbean country and was working and got injured and am unable to work now due to the injury and that money was what I saved for emergency.

Pastor, can you give me some advice on what I can do in order to get my mother’s fridge and my money? Another thing, Pastor, he’s an ex-police officer and I asked a police friend to call him in December last year and his remarks were, 'I'm his woman' and in order to get back my money I have to visit him.

And after, I made my post on Facebook. He's telling people tha I'm telling lies on him. Pastor, I swear he's pushing me to go to the bank for the video footage of him pulling the money from the machine.
Initial Withheld

Dear Initial withheld
I suggest that you take this man to court for your money. You have exhausted every avenue to get him to repay you and to return your mother’s property and he has failed to do so. Take him to court.

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