I can't forgive a serial cheater

March 14, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I would forgive my man once if he cheated, because we all make mistakes. He would have to work overtime, though, to regain my trust.

But when you really love someone, it is not that easy to walk away from the relationship. However, if he cheats again, then it would simply mean that he has issues with me.

I am not enough for him. So I would end the relationship the second time he cheats.


Dear C.M.,

You are a forgiving woman. Some women insist that they would never forgive a man but at the same time, they have found themselves cheating.

Yes, women do cheat and they take pleasure in doing so. It is well known that women brag about it and say that they are better cheaters than men.

You have put forward a pretty good argument why you would forgive your man, and why you may dump him if he cheats the second time and you were to find out.

I hope that both of you would be faithful to each other.


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