My man tried to get another girl pregnant

March 15, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 29 years old. I have a boyfriend and we have been together since schooldays. We used to do everything together. I was 16 years old when he took my virginity. He told me he had only one other girlfriend before me and I believed him. I did not know that the girlfriend was his cousin. He said she was a distant cousin. We don't use protection when we have sex.

I went to the doctor and the doctor said nothing is wrong with me. He went to the doctor, too, and he told me that the doctor said nothing is wrong with him either. He has tried to get me pregnant, but he is unable to. My other schoolmates have got children, and they asked me what is happening. I keep telling them we are not ready, but that is a lie. We would like to have children. His father told him that he should leave me and go to another woman. I told him that I would not support that.

Pastor, I did not know that he took his father's advice and had sex with another girl twice and did not use the condom. She did not get pregnant, and that is when he came and told me that he wanted to confess to me what he did. I am so angry with him. My mother told me that we should just adopt a little girl, but he is not in favour of that. So, please give us your advice.


Dear A.P.,

I want to assure you that if the doctor says that everything is all right with you and that you can get pregnant, you should believe him or her. Sometimes it takes couples many years before they have children together. I have known couples who have been married for many years and they gave up about having a child together and then the women got pregnant.

As I answer your letter, I am thinking of couples I have known who thought that they would never have children and have adopted children, and after they have adopted children the women conceived. So you should never give up, and you should never take things in your own hand.

Your boyfriend tried to take things in his own hands, went to another woman, and his plans did not work. Suppose he had got that woman pregnant, the relationship with both of you could have been destroyed.

From what I gather, both of you are not yet married. I would suggest that both of you get married and trust the Good Lord for a miracle.


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