My uncle's nephew fondled me in my sleep


March 16, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 17 years old and I have a complaint to make. I am living with my aunt and her husband. I have been living here from I was 10 years old. My mother is away and my aunt took me and sent me to school. I love her world without end. Unless someone tells you that she is not my mother, nobody knows. I call her 'Mommy'. Many people say that we resemble each other. She does not have children, so all the love is poured on me. My goal is to be a teacher.

Pastor, while growing up, her husband has never interfered with me. I have my own room, but of late I am not happy. My uncle (my aunt's husband) has a nephew who came to Kingston to look for a job and is staying here with us in the helper's quarters.

One day I was studying and I fell asleep on the couch. My aunt and her husband had gone out, and this dirty boy pushed his hand up my skirt and was fondling me. I woke up and pushed him off, and I told him that I am going to tell my aunt and his uncle what he did. He begged me not to tell them and that he was only playing with me because he loves me, so I did not tell them. But every time I see him, my spirit boils up in me. I didn't expect him to touch me. He is in his 20s and he has his girlfriend in the country.

Do you think that I should tell my aunt and uncle what he did? I am waiting on you for your advice.


Dear L.C.,

I suggest that you tell your aunt what this guy did and be prepared for him to deny it. Explain to them the circumstances, how it happened and what you did and what he said to you. I expect your guardians to warn him or throw him out of the house. He deserves to be put out. I am sure that they were not expecting him to abuse you in any form or touch you inappropriately. That is not the way a man should approach a girl, even if he loves her. He should not have approached you at all, considering that you are related to him.

You are a very intelligent girl and you know that if you had not stood up against this man, he would have had his way with you. Don't take chances with him. Even if he denies that he touched you, your aunt is likely to believe you because she knows that you are a clean and decent young woman.


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