My boyfriend is afraid to go out with me

March 17, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I'm 17 years old, but I don't look like 17. I look much younger, and because of the way I look, people think I am a child. I went out with my boyfriend, who is 21. I had on a shorts, and when we sat down to eat, people were looking at me. He held my hands on the table and a man came over and warned him that he could get himself into serious trouble because I look like an underage girl. I told the man I am 17 and I will be 18 soon. He said I should always walk with my birth paper or some form of ID, otherwise nobody is going to believe me.

I am very slim. Some people say I have a baby face. My boyfriend is saying that he isn't going to take me anywhere again until I am 18 - which means six months from now. He also said that I should not wear shorts, I should wear long pants. My mother says that people should mind their own business. I told my boyfriend that if he can't take me out as I am, I am not going anywhere with him when I am 18.



Dear V.C.,

I don't think that people are just nosey, but because of what is happening in Jamaica today, I believe that some folks are concerned about young people who are being taken away; and many times when they are found, they are in the company of much older men or they are dead.

Perhaps your boyfriend looks much older than you and the gentleman who came to your table meant well. It was just a word of caution to your boyfriend to make sure that you are not underage.




Your boyfriend suggested that next time you should adorn yourself in such a way that people won't mistake your age. Now, your boyfriend mentioned that you should wear long pants, but keep in mind that certain clothing, make-up and hairdo would make you look much older. You may ask a make-up artist how you can dress to make you look much older than you appear.

In the mean time, don't worry what people say about how you look or what you wear. You know who you are. Just be careful.


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