Brothers trying to keep inheritance for themselves


March 24, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 25 and my daddy is 73. I have four sisters and three brothers. All of us girls are married. We lost our mother three years ago, so I took my father to live with me. I run my own business.

My sisters and brothers told me that they would help to pay the bills. My father is very comfortable. He has his own room. My brothers do not treat him well.

Every once in a while they would drop in to see him and give him $2,000 to $3,000, then they don't come back for months.


My father has many acres of land and all my brothers are interested in doing is to fight over the land and to threaten to subdivide it.

I told them that I want my share of the land, but my brother says that all of us girls who have husbands can't get any land.

It is the men who would carry their father's name, who should have the lands. Sometimes I wonder why my brothers are so wicked and my father loves them so much.


Dear C.K.,

The good Lord is going to bless you. You cannot do too much good for your parents. The Bible says that children should support their parents when the parents are unable to work and fend for themselves.

So love your daddy, but at the same time appeal to all your, siblings to assist you. That is just the right thing to do. Some siblings just don't have any shame. Nothing bothers them.

Concerning the property that you father has in rural Jamaica, you should see to it that he makes a will and that the girls receive what they deserve.

Too many men believe that when their sisters are married, they should not have any claim on their parents' lands. That is wrong. Whether they are married or not, they should get their portion.

Do not allow your father to die without making the will. I suggest that you take him to see a lawyer as soon as possible.


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