My ex-boyfriend is evil

March 27, 2017


Dear Pastor

I want to tell you a little story about the relationship between my former boyfriend and me. He told me that he was in prison and I said to myself that people change. So, I went along with having a relationship with him. When I ask him what he went to prison for, he said murder. I said "WHAT!!!" Then he said two men attacked him and he killed the both of them and then he reported the matter at the police station.

Then he started to lie for simple things. So I ask him again why he went to prison. He gave me the same story, but somehow, I didn't get the chance to ask any of his family members because he hasn't given me the space to ask them.

In January of this year, one of his older brothers was at the house for a week. He had to go to work early (by 5 a.m.), and I don't go to work until 10 a.m. So I got to opportunity to question his brother. I asked him why his brother went to prison. He said to me "I didn't know that my brother was so wicked."


Another woman pregnant


He gave me an account of what happened. He said my boyfriend was friendly with a lady, and he lived with another woman who was pregnant by him. The woman he was friendly with had a babyfather who beats her whenever he finds out that my boyfriend was with his babymother. My boyfriend moved the lady out of her babyfather's house. He rented a house and put her there.

The babyfather found out where she was living, went there and beat her up badly. My boyfriend got somebody to kill the lady and her child. Then my boyfriend went there in the morning before daylight and set the house on fire.

Someone saw him leaving the house and called the police. The police went to his work place and picked him up. He was charged for the death of the mother and her daughter. The brother also told me this information earlier this year. I was so hurt; I couldn't stay in the same house with him so I moved out.

I was planning on leaving before the brother gave the story, but that sent me faster.

Pastor, I couldn't live in the same house with that man any more. My friend put me up until I could get my own apartment. That man is a wicked man. He has done so many things to me. I am so ashamed to say.

When my sister called me and told me that he called you, I cried and said "Why is this man doing all this?" You heard what the callers have to say but they don't know the story. I couldn't even go to work the next day because everybody was calling me and asking me why this man was doing these things to me. I have done nothing but good to him, so that he can live his life comfortably.


Dear K

You would have observed that although you have mentioned this man's name many times, I have deleted his name. I want you to know that I consider you a very intelligent woman and that I believe what you have written. I am glad that this man's brother told you what he knew. I cannot blame you for ending the relationship with this man. You did what you believed was right.

What he tried to do to you, even on my radio show, was to disgrace you. I hope the day will come when he would be willing to confess to God for what he has done and ask God to forgive him. You have been a good woman to him but he lied to you. He did not tell you the truth and after you left him, he continued to scandalise you. That is so bad.

I hope that you would hold your head up high and I suggest that you read your bible everyday and pray and find time to go to church and when you pray mention this man in your prayers.


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