My older woman is better than my young girlfriend

March 30, 2017

Dear Pastor,

These young girls want too much. The older women are satisfied with whatever they get. They don't pressure you for anything. I am 30 and I have a girl who is 22. Regardless of what I give her, she wants more. Sometimes I don't call her on weekends, and whenever she calls and I realise it is her, I don't answer, and then I would turn off my phone. During the week when she calls me and tells me that she was trying to reach me, I blame the phone. I tell her the phone isn't working right.

She has two children. None of them belong to me, and she wants me to give her money every week while the children's father is not giving her any money. Right now, I have a big woman. She is 45. Whatever I give to her, she takes. Sometimes I leave work and go straight to her yard, and if I am hungry and tell her I don't have any money, she gives me food.

Better yet, if I tell her I am coming, she prepares herself for me. She doesn't ask me for money, she gives me lunch money and bus fare. She does not cheat on me, and she knows I have a girlfriend. She has a 20-year-old daughter, but she is going to school in America. So I can go there anytime.

I am thinking of leaving my girlfriend, but this woman does not want anybody to live with her. However, I can come and go as I wish. When she takes her shower, her skin is as smooth as a baby, and I like that. Older women are the best.


Dear L.E.,

This 45-year-old woman doesn't have her head screwed on properly on her body. She is a foolish woman. She is so excited to have a young man in her life that she cannot think. Have you ever wondered why you can't stay with her and why she prefers that you call her in advance to tell her when you are coming over? Have you ever thought that perhaps you are not the only man in her life? So, she cannot take the risk of having you there living with her. How do you know that she does not cheat?

You are not doing yourself any good by fooling around. If you don't like the relationship you have with the 22-year-old woman, then end your relationship with her. And please make up your mind about this grown woman. If you believe this is the woman you should marry, discuss it with her. Perhaps she looks at you as having a relationship with benefit and she really doesn't want you as a husband.

Right now, you don't have anything bringing to the table, so I suspect that this woman is using you only for sex until she can do better. And when she can do better, she will kick you to the kerb.


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