They think I slept with my father

April 03, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am in a terrible situation which has shattered my entire life and gives me no purpose for moving forward.

Since August of last year, my younger brother came to live with us. Ever since, it is like going through hell back way. My mother can't live in peace.

He curses every day. First, he came here with a woman and his children, along with his stepchildren. Mommy told him his girlfriend couldn't stay here because she is in her church.

He tells us just about anything that comes to his mouth, especially when he wants money.

Every conversation, people on the road know about it. He even carries news on mommy to her sister in the United States.

His woman was here for a week spending some time, and if you ever knew the disgrace they brought down here. They even got the police involved and the police have never been here before.

The man who I call father (not my biological father), I respect him dearly. He is a great help to my mom and siblings.

For about a week now, my mom is in the US. To my surprise, I woke up seeing a text message from my sister saying I am a low-minded trash. It is too disgraceful to mention how she styled me in the text message.

Right now while writing to you, tears are flowing down my cheeks. I swear on my life, I would never do something like what she accused me of doing. I respect and love my mom dearly.




My dad is a respectable man and family-orientated. I love him just as how I love my grandfather dearly. I even call his sister 'Auntie'. My dad is a 75-year-old man.

How could they even think that of me? Someone you called family betrayed you and scandal your name just like that. They are supposed to show you love and make you feel secure.

How can someone be so cold-hearted?

I forwarded the message to my auntie, my mom and my other brother, but they believe the accusation that was made against me.

I am so confused, stressed and I can't eat. I just don't feel like living anymore. Please contact me. I am totally stressed and I can't sleep.


Dear J.M.,

There are two major issues that are troubling you. The first has to do with your brother, who moved into your parents' home with his girlfriend and children.

This man does not respect his parents and is behaving as if they are obligated to give him money.

He is also behaving as if he has no ambition at all. He ought not to be living there. Perhaps he is on drugs. Any person who is respectful to his or her parents should not have cursed them.

I am sure that his behaviour has put your parents, especially your mother, under stress.

Although you have not spelt out the accusation made against you, I assume that you are being accused of having sexual intercourse with your mother's husband and it hurts deeply, because the relationship that you have had with this man was always clean and morally upright.

Fortunately, those who have confidence in you will not believe such an ugly rumour. Therefore, I urge you not to try to hit back at anyone, but make this accusation a matter of prayer.

God can turn the hearts of those who want to destroy you and bring them to their knees. Try to live in peace with everybody. Continue to love your father and do everything to help him until your mother returns to Jamaica.


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