Husband took lover to hotel with my money

April 12, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 33 years old and married. I have a bank account and my husband has access to it. My salary goes straight into my account. I was out of the country, and my husband used my account to play with other women. I trusted this man. He withdrew money and cannot tell me what he did with the money.

I found two receipts from a jewellery store, and those pieces of jewellery were not bought for me. I also found the receipt from a hotel on the north coast. I wasn't in Jamaica, so it is my money that my husband took and went sporting with another woman.

His mother is not well, and when I questioned him about what he did with my money, he said he used it to pay doctor bills and to fill prescription to take care of his mother.




When I met this man, he had a good job. Then he lost his job and decided to open his own business. But everything he tried has failed. We do not have children.

I cannot stand him any longer. Now he is threatening me. I asked our pastor to talk to him, and instead of humbling himself, he is accusing me of having an affair with the pastor. At the same time, he does not want us to break up.

What should I do?


Dear C.B.,

It is unfortunate when spouses cannot trust each other. You thought you could have trusted your husband. You gave him your PIN number and he went into your account, withdrew your money and spent it freely, and on top of that he is lying and threatening you.

Some people may say that your money is his money and his money is your money. The only difference is that he doesn't have any money, and there are some men who take great pleasure in using their women's money.

You should demand that your husband get himself a job and give you back the money he stole. Regardless of what some people may say, this man stole your money. You did not give him the money. He never got permission to use it. Therefore, he stole it.

You need not worry about the accusation he made against you and your pastor. When some men are faced with the truth, they try to use reverse psychology. In this case, he believes that to accuse you of having an affair is the way to keep you quiet.

Don't be dismayed at that kind of behaviour. Keep those receipts that you have found as proof that he has used your money without your permission.

Again, I insist that as soon as he has got a job that he repays the money that he took from your account. I hope by now you have changed your PIN number.


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