Trying to locate a deadbeat dad

April 12, 2017

Dear Pastor,

Good morning to you, Pastor, and all Jamaicans in Jamaica and across the globe. I was wondering if you could help me locate someone. If you could, that would be very helpful. The person that I’m looking for lived in the parish of Manchester. His name is Omar Smith. I have his phone number, but he is not responding to telephone calls.
I wish to get in contact with him as it pertains to the support of his children. His babymother has no way of getting in touch with him. They are about to take away the kids because the mother doesn’t have any food to give them. So, if you can, in anyway, get in touch with him then I could relay the information to the mother of his children.
I heard that he is married and doesn’t want to take responsibility for any children that are outside of his marriage.
Thank you, and I await your reply.

Dear L.B.,
I suppose you are related to the children or to their mother. When I saw your letter, I thought you were the mother, but evidently, you are not. But whoever you are, or whatever you are, you are concerned about the kids. You are a concerned person and you are well aware of what is happening to this man’s children. It is rather unfortunate that he has not been supporting them.
Although you have sent his telephone number, we will not publish it. I hope, however, that he would see your letter or someone who knows his whereabouts would see it and tell him that it is in his interest to contact the mother of his children and to start supporting his children.
He may need these children in years to come. Whatever might have caused their mother and him to break up, the children should not be punished. If I hear from him or someone who knows his whereabouts, I will inform you.


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