My boyfriend keeps borrowing my money

April 25, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 years old and I am six months pregnant. The man who got me pregnant is a taxi driver. Every time he knows that I have money, he borrows it from me. Recently, I lent him $10,000 and I left myself broke.

On Tuesday, I asked him to get me something to eat because he did not leave any money at home, and up until now he is not here. I have not even finish buying baby stuff.

Initials Withheld

Dear Writer,

This taxi man ought to treat you better. I cannot discourage you from helping him financially whenever you are able to do so, but he should know that in your condition he should be closer to you and assist you in every way possible.

I am assuming that the both of you are living together. If that is so, he should see to it that he provides everything that you need every morning before he leaves for work, and he should check on you during the day by phone.

I hope that he would pay you back what he has borrowed from you.


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