She made my girlfriend leave me

May 15, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 27 years old and my girlfriend is 22. She and I have been together from she was 18. I do everything for her. I took her in when her mother threw her out. Her mother accused her of trying to take away her boyfriend.

Her mother's boyfriend told her mother that he was surprised, because, one day, she called him and asked him to bring her a rag that she had on the line. They have an outside bathroom, so she went there and took off all her clothes and called him to bring the rag for her. When he came and knocked, she opened the door and didn't even try to cover up. So the man told her mother what happened and her mother asked her why she had to do that. She said she didn't have to cover up because he has seen her naked before, but she didn't tell her when that happened.

This man accused her of offering him sex in exchange for money, and she denied it. She went as far as telling him that her mother was keeping man with him. So her mother threw her out of her house.

Pastor, she is pretty, but she likes men. She can't be satisfied. The first time I met her and we had sex, I paid her for it. She slept with me, and in the morning I tried to have sex with her again, she said that I would have to pay her again to get more. I told her that when we had sex, it didn't last for more than five minutes. But I gave her $3,000 more and stayed a little longer with her.

I did not see or hear from her for about three months, until one day she called to say that she went back to the country, but nothing is going on there for her and so she is back in Kingston and would like to come and stay with me. I lied and told her that I was at work, but I was really at home. I did not know that while she was talking to me, she was almost at my gate.

I had another girl with me that I was dating and I almost lost her because I had told her that I was behaving myself and I haven't had sex for a long time. Anyhow, when she saw the new girl, she left and said she was only checking on me. My girlfriend had planned to go home, but she said she was staying around to see if I am behaving myself.




This girl turned up again another night, begging me to put her up. I told her that I would have to ask my girlfriend. My girlfriend agreed, and the girl told my girlfriend everything that happened between us, even things which I don't know about. I cursed her, and called my brother to get her out.

My girlfriend has permanently left me and this girl is trying to take over my life. All the men in the area have gone to bed with her. She will not leave me alone. She is very bad. Now everybody is laughing at me and saying that my girlfriend is giving me 'bun'. When I say she is not my girlfriend, they ask me how is it that she is not my girlfriend and she is living with me.

I have to give up on my girlfriend because of this girl, but I would love to have her back. I don't know what to do. Pastor, she looks so quiet, but I cannot trust her. Please tell me what to do.


Dear Y.S.,

What you are trying to say is that your girlfriend is a prostitute. The very night that you went to bed with her you had to pay her, and a few hours after she needed more money for what is commonly called 'second round'.

This girl does not have good morals, and perhaps she was lying on her stepfather. Evidently, she loves money and was quite willing to expose herself to him and to offer him sex. If, indeed, he turned her down as he is claiming, she considered that a big insult and perhaps would do anything to cause her mother to break up with him. Evidently, her mother believed her stepfather and threw her out.

I am not sure who was speaking the truth, whether it was her stepfather or herself. However, by the way she is conducting herself, she is proving to everyone that she is very loose. As I see it, you would be better off ending the relationship with this girl. If she is flashing this thing around to every man, she might pass on disease to you.

You don't need this type of woman in your life. Too bad you lied to the young woman who was interested in you. You will never get a good woman in your life if you continue to associate with the woman who is living in your house.

Perhaps you should ask the police to help you to get her out of your house. Or, if you are renting, you should notify your landlord that you are giving up the premises.


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