Upset my side chick is having sex with two other men

May 24, 2017

Dear Pastor,

There is a problem that I am having and I need your help. I am living with my babymother, but I am dealing with a girl who lives on the same road on which we live.

I have a brother who likes the girl. He told me so, but he said he will leave her to me because he can't manage her.

Pastor, one Sunday night I passed and her room lights were on, and the people who live in the front were also awake. I went away and checked back at midnight and her lights were off.

I knocked but she didn't answer. I knocked again and she answered and said she was gone to bed. She told me tomorrow. I was suspicious.

I went and sat down on an old bench by the clothes line for about an hour until the door opened and a man twice my size came out of her room.

It was one of my neighbours who had been in there with her sexing her. I decided to give her some beating. When I considered she was getting money from my brother and me and she was with this other man, it hurt me. She begged me not to beat her.

If I had beaten her I would have got into trouble that night. This girl is having sex with all three of us. To save her from the beating, she gave me the $4,000 the man gave her to do her hair, and I had sex with her before I left.

I gave back the $4,000 to her, and told my brother not to touch her again because when she had sex with the neighbour she didn't use the condom.

My brother doesn't believe me. She told him I was lying on her. She told my girlfriend to keep me home because I am looking her, and my girlfriend believes her.

All I wanted was something extra, which she is good at, but she wouldn't tell my babymother that. I can tell you what it is, I still love her.


Dear T.C.,

This girl is evidently easy to get, but you guys have made her into a whore. You still love her, but you are warning your brother about her.

You don't mind sharing this young woman with your brother but your neighbour should stay out.

What you probably don't know is that perhaps this woman prefers the neighbour. After all, she got $4,000 from him.

What have you given her? I am not sanctioning what she is doing, but you are in no position to condemn her.

Your brother and you know that you are abusing a naive girl who is hungry for money.

She wants to get you out of her life. And that is why she told your babymother that you are 'looking' her. So, although you say you are still in love with her, do the right thing and stop 'looking' her.

Do what is right.


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