My young lover is better in bed than my man

May 25, 2017

Dear Pastor,
I am 19 years old, and I have two boyfriends. I love the both of them, but one is very boring. I don’t like to go anywhere with him. When I go out with him, he doesn’t want me to dance with anybody else but him. I told him that if he only wants me to dance with him, I could stay at his house and play music and dance.

He likes to show me off when we go out because I am young and he is almost twice my age. The sex with him is not bad, but sometimes I have to pretend that I am satisfied. When he comes (ejaculate) I am just ready or getting started. He is paying my school fees, so I am trying to behave myself. He does not know that I have another guy.

This other guy talks to me every day. He is 21, and he tells me that the only thing he has to give me is himself. I love him more than the man I am living with. We don’t get to have sex regularly. Most times when we have sex, it is during the day time, and we rent a room. But I don’t like going to these places during the day because I don’t know who would see me.

He is living at home with his parents, and he is going to school. Right now he is doing his exams. He can’t take me out because he doesn’t have the money. Sometimes I give him out of what I have. I cannot leave my other boyfriend although he is boring because I love him so much. The young guy doesn’t have anything to give me, but he is better in bed. He knows that I have another boyfriend, but the boring one doesn’t know about him. The boring one told me that he would know if I am keeping another man with him. I know he cannot know because one day I had sex with the younger guy and the same evening I had sex with the boring one, and he did not know. He was there telling me how he felt nice.

I can’t leave the older man, who is 41, but I need him. But I prefer to have sex with the other one. My parents know about the older man, but they don’t know about the younger one.

Dear M.K,
I cannot encourage you to be going to bed with two different men at the same time. You are only 19 years old. You have a much older man in your life, and he is taking care of you. You describe him as boring. It seems to me that he is also very jealous. He doesn’t want you to be dancing with other men when both of you go out. Many men are like that. They don’t like to see men wining on their women or their women wining on other men, especially to these songs that are very suggestive.

You are to use your common sense. If this older man is supporting you, why would you allow yourself to have an affair with another guy? Have you thought of the loss that you would suffer if he were to find out that you are playing around with another man? He would either end the relationship with you, or do something very bad. Perhaps you believe that it is fun to use older men and to believe that you can always outwit them and see them as fools.

Some girls brag all the time how they can eat out older men, but that can only go on for a time. I suspect that the money that you are paying to go to motel comes from the much older man. You say that your parents know about this man. I am sure that they wouldn’t encourage you to play around with another guy while you are with this man.

Therefore, I wish to urge you to end the relationship with the younger man or with the older gentleman. Don’t be intimate with the both of them at the same time.


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