Praying to God for a good man

June 02, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a 56-year-old, beautiful, Christian woman. Can you kindly help me find a loving and kind gentleman? I want a long-lasting relationship that could lead to marriage if possible.

I want someone who is honest, kind and genuine and who wants to settle down. I do not want any joker, player or womaniser.

I am a hard-working person with grown children. I am not looking for gold; I am looking for a man who is understanding and has good communication skills.

I run a small business for myself, and I have my own home, among other things.




I would love a returning resident or any other individual who fits the criteria. I have been single for 18 years. I have been praying to the Lord for help. But, so far, there's no luck. I would love to meet someone through your medium.

You know, in these harsh economic times, we have commitments and would love someone who can give a helping hand, but that person may not around, so one has to struggle on their own.

I have met some men, but as I exchange a few words with them, you see where they are heading. On the other hand, they have nothing to offer to a woman. They are interested in asking you for things instead.

Thanks for your reply in advance. I hope to meet someone who is interested.



Dear D.B.,

I am glad to hear that you are a Christian. You forgot to mention whether you are divorced or your husband died. You said you have been single for the past 18 years, but you leave people to wonder whether your husband passed on or you divorced him.

However, you seem to know what you are after. But don't you think it would have been better for you to say why you prefer a returning resident to be your partner?

You seem to have done well for yourself. And men cannot easily fool you. At 56, if you are in good health, you can make a very good contribution to society.

Be careful not to allow your wealth to get in the way of your relationship. You might believe that because you are blessed with material things, men must bow to you or allow you to lead them.

Jamaican men don't stand for that. Most Jamaican men do not want women to push them around at all, but they are happy to meet women who can stand on their own, so to speak.

I will contact you if any man is willing to hear from you.


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