Not sure if I got her pregnant

June 22, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am currently an upper sixth-form student who had sexual intercourse with a teenager. However, she had sex with other teenagers and is unable to tell who got her pregnant.

I would love if you could help me to do a DNA test to see if the baby is mine, although she has given the child to another man. I anxiously await your response.


Dear M.F.,

Did this teenager admit to you that she had sexual intercourse with other guys and she doesn't know who impregnated her? And if you knew that she was promiscuous, why did you have unprotected sex with her? You didn't mention the age of this young woman. Is she over the age of consent? I hope she is.

If you cannot get the money to do a DNA test, how would it help you to know whether you are the father of this child or not? This girl knows that you are a student who can't keep his penis in his brief, and that schoolers' money finish at lunchtime. So even if you were responsible for her pregnancy, she sees you as a waste of time because you can't help her financially.

My suggestion to you, therefore, is to keep quiet. The time will come when you will know for sure whether or not you fathered the child. Make sure that you stop having unprotected sex and try to get an education.


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