She tricked me and stole everything

June 28, 2017

Dear Pastor

This is the second time I am writing to you. I am 53 years old. I didn't hear from you and I tried to call your office.

I left a message for you, but you did not respond. I have a situation and I need your advice.

I was friendly with a woman who is 33 years old. I took her with two children. Her children's father was in prison. I helped this woman to support her children.

She was almost on the street when I took her to live with me. I told her that if she would be a lady I would help her.

I bought a new mattress for my bed and I gave away the old mattress. I put carpets on the floor in my bedroom. I made sure that the children were comfortable. We were living happily together.

She wasn't working, so I had full responsibility for everything.

On my day off, I would help her to cook. I gave her money for the children to go to school. She finally got a job. And soon after she got the job, she changed.




I couldn't talk to her, she even called me an old man. She told one of my friends who used to play dominoes with me that I am too slow and I don't have any use. People told me that she was giving me bun.

One day she told me that the company was transferring her to the country. I asked her which country, and she said she did not know. All that time I did not know she was planning to leave me.

Pastor, one day I came home, and all my furniture was gone. I had bought a new refrigerator and stove. She took them away also. I haven't even finished paying for them. She wasn't transferred to country, she left the job.

I don't know where she is. I checked at the school the children were attending and she pulled them out of school. She couldn't touch my money because she didn't have my PIN.

It is hard to trust these young girls. When they are in trouble they beg men for help. I don't want another woman. How could women be so cruel? Some people say that I should report her to the police, but I don't have any time for that. I know she is alive.


Dear D.W.,

I like your attitude. Leave this woman alone. Don't go after her. You have tried to help her. What she has got from you, let her keep.

You would not only survive, you would replace the furniture and the appliances, and whatever else she took.

Your conscience is free, if you know that you did not verbally or physically abuse this woman. Don't be surprised if she calls you some time in the future and asks you to pardon her.

She may even want to come back. If she does, you shouldn't even let her through the gate. You have tried to help her and she has robbed you. You are only 53 years old. You are not an old man.

You might not be as sharp on the trigger but you know that you have use.

Don't be in a hurry to get another woman. Give yourself time and when you meet one, don't be over-anxious to spend your money on her.

In seven years you are going to be 60, so please save for your retirement and don't waste your money on young women and their children.

I don't mean that you should never give, but watch how you spend your money.


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