I would sell my body for US$1 million

July 19, 2017

Dear Pastor,

If a girl wears long skirts, that would not prevent men from raping her. I don't wear short skirts and I got raped multiple times.

I can't even sleep, and I am so depressed and broken inside. Please, pray for me.

I am 15 years old and I have three boyfriends. Two of them are 21 years old and the other guy is 14 years old.

The guys who are 21 take care of me better than my parents. I would sell myself for $1 million if it is in US currency. I love when a guy spoils me.

My parents do not show me any love, so I face lots of issues without having anybody to guide me.


Dear M.,

I regret hearing that you were raped. Evidently, those who raped you were not reported on or tried and sentenced to prison.

You haven't said whether the incidents were reported to the police and what followed. I hope that you received help from the police.

I would be very happy if you were to write me back and explain what happened. If you did not receive therapy, it is not too late to see a psychologist.

From what you have said in your letter, I gather that you are in search of love. You are hoping that you would meet someone who would show you love, and not someone who is interested in having sex with you.

At present, you have three boyfriends and at least two are supporting you financially. If your parents were caring and showing you love, you wouldn't have to be seeking it from these men.




Evidently, your parents are not playing their parental role in your life and that is very sad.

By now, you should realise that these guys are not assisting you for free. They expect to get paid by having sex with you.

Parents who love their daughters would know whether or not the girls are having intimate relationships with men because they would observe that they are bringing home things that they did not give them money to purchase.

So I hate to conclude that your parents don't care very much what you do with yourself, including whether you engaged in prostitution.

You are asking for prayer and I would pray for you, but I will also suggest that you look around among your relatives to see if any of them can offer you a better life.

Perhaps you may have an aunt and she lives alone or only has one daughter; ask if she can take you in.

Speak to her in confidence and tell her why you would want to move away from your parents.

Go to church, get to know the pastor's wife, and speak to her in confidence and ask her to help you. If you don't get through with any of these options, please get back to me. I will be praying for you.


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