Babymother wants $123,000 bed

August 09, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I need your advice on a matter. I got this girl pregnant but I migrated to the States. After coming here, I wasn't working for a while but as soon as I started to work, I took steps and started to take care of my child.

Sometimes work is slow, but I sent what I have for her. After a while, I started feeling financial problems again. I turned to my babymother and told her that I'll send her back to school to further her education so both of us can take on the task of supporting our child. My babymother told me that she has no time for that. She would rather work in a bar because school never did anything for her back then, so how it's going to help now?

I lost my cool and started asking myself what kind of girl is she. How could she say that? Anyway, a couple weeks past and someone was messaging me telling me some stuff about my child, and that the child is a jacket. I laughed it off because the kid has my birthmarks and sicknesses. Her sister told me that my babymother is out there having sex. I told her sister that it's her body, so if she can't wait for me to come home and get married to her, she can do whatever pleases her.




Pastor, we broke up and the guy and herself got into a serious relationship. I started to date a white girl. When she saw that I moved on, she started to curse and hide the child from me. I can't call and talk to my daughter anymore. At one point, she messaged me that she needed a bed for my daughter to sleep on. I told her to check out the price for a normal bed and get back to me. She told me the bed will cost $123,000.

I told her that I will not spend that amount of money to purchase a bed for my daughter. Her mom called me and told me that I should not waste my money to purchase a bed for my child's mother and her man to sleep on. I tried to call her to check on my child because I had sent money, clothes, and other stuff for her but she hasn't gone to collect them because she thinks she is spitting me, but it's harming the child.

I want to know what I can do legally so that I'll be able to see my child on the phone or for my family members to spend time with her.


Dear Writer,

If you were in Jamaica you could have taken this matter to court, but you are in the United States of America. Whenever you return to Jamaica, you could go to court and deal with this matter. You have a right to see your daughter and to spend time with her, so that can be settled in court. Right now, it would be difficult to handle this issue while abroad.

Make sure that you send her money to support the child. Keep all the receipts, etc, because you may need them. Evidently, this young woman doesn't have much ambition, so be glad that she is out of your life.


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