I can't find a girlfriend

August 23, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a 16-year-old teenager looking for a girlfriend. I was in a relationship but it didn't last for a month. I have been single from then.

I don't know what happened, but every girl I try to date, they say that they are already taken, and all of them are dropping out of school.

I know that I shouldn't have a girlfriend at my age but I am fully responsible to have safe sex. I want somebody who cares about me like how I would care for them. I am looking for a girl that can be in a relationship with me for a year or more, or even forever.

Pastor, please assist me and tell me what I should do.


Dear R.H.,

All the girls are telling you that they are already taken, and I can tell you why. Many times schoolgirls play around with schoolboys, but they don't get into serious relationship with them because 'schoolboys money finish lunch time'.

These girls want grown men who can give them lots of money in exchange for sex. That is why all these girls say they are taken.

They know that it is the little money that you get from your parents to go to school that's in your pocket, and that can't help these girls.

Another thing, these girls might not want you for other reasons. You are just a boy. And they don't want to date someone who doesn't have a car. They are not into taking the buses.

Young man, take time and grow up. Study hard, concentrate on your lessons. Believe me, if you don't spend more time on your schoolwork, your friends will pass you by.

They will become professionals and you will be left behind because you have wasted your money on girls.

You need to have female friends and learn to socialise with them, but you don't need a girlfriend to call your own.


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