Couldn't take any more 'bun'

September 06, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I was with a woman for five years. She was my child's mother and she was giving me 'bun' with another man. This man was giving her money.

One day I saw $5,000 under the carpet and I took every cent. Our daughter told me that her mommy said she missed some money. She never asked me about it.

Because of her unfaithfulness, our relationship came to an end.



Dear W.B.,

This woman could not have asked you any question because she knew how she got the money. If she had got it from you or had worked for it, she wouldn't have had to hide it.

But, because she knew that she got it from the 'bunna man', she hid it under the carpet, and when you took it out, you knew it came from him.

I can see why this relationship broke up. I hope that you will find a good woman. I wish you well.


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