The helper chat too much

September 14, 2017

Dear Pastor,
Every day I ask my helper to buy the STAR newspaper so that I can read your column. I am retired, and I don’t do much these days. My children are all grown and married, but I see them almost every day. They don’t leave me alone.

I have tenants, but we don’t meet up together. Sometimes I don’t even know when they are there from when they are not there.

My wife is living in America; she is not ready to come back to Jamaica. She comes and goes. I travel when I feel like, but I am not going back there to live. My only problem is, sometimes I feel lonely. I don’t have a problem in getting a woman.

I have a lady friend, but I don’t like when she comes here and my helper is here because I know my helper will tell my wife. My helper is very close to my wife. Sometimes she calls her, and instead of talking to me, she talks to the helper.

My wife is 65, and I am 75. My two daughters are married and living in Jamaica. Their husbands are in top jobs, and I get along well with them.

Anywhere I want to go, my daughters pick me up and take me. Pastor, Jamaica is a wonderful place to live. If we can control the crime, no other island can be better than Jamaica.
I am expecting my wife to be home for Christmas. We have been married for many years. She doesn’t have to work. She promised that at the end of the year, she will quit.
My little lady friend asked me what would I do with her when my wife finally comes home. I told her that we will cross that bridge when we get there.
I don’t know what she sees in me because she is only 45 years old.
I have a friend that I am planning to hook her up with. I don’t know if he can support her. I give her $ 20,000 every month. I don’t think he can give her that much.
I know that what I am giving her is not much, but that is a part of my social security cheque. She has two children.

Dear L.T,
I can’t encourage you to continue to be intimate with the woman you call your lady friend. I know you say that you get lonely sometimes, but perhaps you should return to America and be with your wife. In fact, you should spend more time there, instead of tying up yourself down here with another woman.
You might wonder why I am saying that to you. You see, I am just afraid that if you continue to have this other woman, it will not be too long from now that your wife would find out. And then she may just end the marriage although both of you have been married for many years. And how sad that would be.
I am sure your daughters would not like to know that you have been having an affair with another woman.
I want you to know that I understand your problem, but something might happen and your cover would be blown, and your happy marriage would suffer.
Your girlfriend is not prepared to leave you and that is why she asked you the question. What would happen to her if your wife should return to live in Jamaica?
Encourage this woman to find a single man and set you free. Show her that there is no future for her if she continues to have an intimate relationship with you.

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