Education can keep people out of poverty

September 28, 2017

Dear Pastor,
I read your column online religiously, and as you know, I listen to your programme online whenever I can. I was reading a letter that was sent to you entitled, 'Struggling to stay in school' signed by O.E. This letter struck a chord with me, pastor, because I, too, grew up in poverty.

Fortunately, I have a father and mother who would go the extra mile for my siblings and I. I remember when I passed my GSAT exam for high school, my mother was moved to tears because my dad had lost his job, and as an uneducated housewife, she was oblivious as to what to do so she cried.  Both of my parents became higglers and many people pretend not to know us. We were embarrassed at church because we had to sell to make ends meet. Life was rough, but many opportunities presented themselves and we took advantage of them.

Pastor, my father always told us that one of the best ways to take a poor man's child out of the gutter and keep said child out was education. Pastor, I would like to encourage that young man through you to stay in school. I will not say that I can relate to everything that he is going through, but it is better for him to stay in school and leave qualified than to drop out and try to find a job. There are too many people, both qualified and unqualified, who are competing for the same number of scare jobs on the island. He will be in a better position to help himself and his mommy when he is qualified. 

When I graduated from primary school my dad bought me the motivational book by Robert H. Schuller, Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do. This book reminded me that some of us have to sweat more and work overtime to accomplish our dreams.

Pastor, I would like to commend that young man for his achievements thus far. I would also like to pay $20,000 towards his school fee. Pastor, this may sound a little selfish, but I do not wish this young man to know that I am paying this money. Therefore, I would be more comfortable sending the money to you and you handing it over to him.

Pastor, our lovely country needs more qualified men to help us to solve some of the problems that we are facing.  I pray that this young man will find the strength and the innate perseverance to complete his studies.

You are doing an awesome job, pastor. God bless.

Dear D.P,
I appreciate your letter, and I pray that the young man who needs help would appreciate, not only your financial contribution, but also the advice you have given.

May your words of encouragement, not only help him, but all those who are in similar situation. You faced difficulties when you were growing up, but thank God you had wise parents, and your father evidently had strong faith and he communicated with his children and motivated them. Whatever you send to me for this young man, I will make sure that he receives it, and that you receive a receipt.

May the Good Lord bless you.

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